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Estate Litigation

Our estate litigation services include:

  • Actions to Invalidate a Trust or Will including:
    • Capacity Issues
    • Improper Trust Formation
    • Improper Will and/or Trust Amendment
    • Undue Influence
    • Elder Abuse
    • Fraud
  • Actions Against a Trustee or Executor including:
    • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    • Compelling Accounting
    • Removal of the Trustee or Executor
    • Prohibited Transfers
    • Proceeding to Surcharge Trustee or Executor, for example:
      • Using Trust assets for the Trustee’s own interest
      • Failing to properly invest Trust assets
      • Failing to diversify the Trust’s assets
      • Failing to treat each Beneficiary fairly
      • Improper Trust distributions
    • Elder Abuse
    • Tortious Interference with Economic Expectancy Interest
  • Actions to Modify or Terminate a Trust including:
    • Modification of Trust by Consent of Beneficiaries
    • Modification of Trust for Changed Circumstances
    • Disposition of Trust Property on Termination of Trust
  • Actions between Beneficiaries
  • Actions by Trustees or Executors including:
    • Creditor’s Claim Litigation
    • Actions to Obtain Trust Information including:
      • Trust Interpretation
      • Request for Instruction

As we practice both estate planning and estate litigation, we have a vast in-depth understanding of probate proceedings.  Additionally, our litigation strategy puts the client’s needs first by considering the time, cost, and probability of success of a particular claim.  Our commitment to our client can be seen in our zealous representation in litigation proceedings.


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